Seattle boasts some of the best and unique camping spots in the country.  Given the environment and the work ethos here, that should be no surprise.  When working remotely, having some comfortable and interesting go-to places to camp greatly facilitates productivity.  The standard list of amenties for an acceptable camping style cafe - fast internet, moderate noise level, windows, and a safe enough space to leave your computer unattended for a few minutes. Thus far I have tended to avoid industrial places like WeWork, though they do contain some attractive elements of community, in favor of local cafes. One such place is in Wallingford, but be warned, it teems with felines.

The cats are a feature, not a bug at Meowtropolitan Cafe.  Is it a cat rescue center that is also a cafe?  Or is it a cafe that is also a rescue center?  Reservations are required to interact with the cats, but there is also bar seating outside the "wild" area with a big window, though only limited electrical outlets.  Inside the cat-quarium, are  ~10 nonchalant cats very used to putting up with people. The hour went by quickly, though I did manage to work and play and feel a little peaceful within that time .

Meowtropolitan Cafe - cats sleeping
Getting curious

Fluff peace